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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.26.11] zombies news short

I admit it. I have a soft spot for movies with little or no dialogue. It’s by no means exclusive but they tend to create mood more effectively and frankly, there are so many films out there ruined by bad acting, sometimes it’s best to just have your non-actors say nothing than ruin the moment with bad line delivery. But I’m already off track.

I started with the no dialogue comment because our friend Avery dug up a great seven minute short film titled Morbid which runs the length of the film with no dialogue. There’s a line or two of dialogue at the end but other than that, it’s seven minutes of tension building. And it’s pretty damned effective.

I love the editing and sound design here and frankly, anyone who can manage to build tension this efficiently with little more than an empty hallway and a toy gun deserves props.

Short film after the break.

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noname (10 years ago) Reply

When the zombie was behind him that shit scared me. I guess he was in the building looking for his friend?

I liked it.


Vezari Studios (10 years ago) Reply

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William Stewart (10 years ago) Reply

Great short I just hate how many rounds he was firing off. If you do another one please have him dead. Or using controlled burst at the very least but it was superb aside from that small thing and that's probably just a pet peeve.


RalphLockwood (10 years ago) Reply

Nicely done!


Aruta (10 years ago) Reply

Great stuff! Make more zombie stuff and I'll watch it. ;)


shocbomb (10 years ago) Reply

nice little Zombie short. The only thing that was out of place was when he opened the door in the hospital it went from a hospital setting to a hotel room. Never seen a hospital rom that looked like that ? It cleary looks like it was shot in a Hotel Room ? Good stuff though overall

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