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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.02.11] Pakistan apocalyptic scifi

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Pakistan's first large scale scifi film is a drama about the end of times. The film is called "Kolachi" and the promo has been released as it going viral baby. I would say it's like Deep Impact in that it's about knowing the end is coming, but here's what director Mansoor Mujahid has to say about it.

??The film deals with the Karachi that can exist five minutes from now or maybe five years from now,? director of the film Mansoor Mujahid told The Express Tribune.

??The Karachi we are aiming at is a cross between New York and Iraq. If we look at what has happened in the city in the past few years, we find that a lot of foreign investment is coming but our basic ethnic and sociopolitical issues have not been resolved as yet?, said Mujahid.

??The film is about how all the issues from target killings to bomb blasts will eventually erupt into a bigger issue that Karachi will have to face. So, largely it is about concerns that will eventually lead the character of this city to apocalypse,? Mujahid told The Express Tribune.

Revolves around three intertwined stories and the choices each character
makes in seeking redemption and forgiveness before their doomed fate.

Trailer after the break.

Some info via: rewaj

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b (3 years ago) Reply

Look forward to seeing this


Brody Jefferson (3 years ago) Reply

Woooow guys, impressive. How ironic this comes out in 2012 too. This is the best film news to date. Today Battle of peak has peaked now I anticipate this Kolachi film with such eagerness. Let's see Pakistan outdo us all...


Anonymous (3 years ago) Reply

KOLACHI is being produced in association with inverse studios, a media production company based in Pakistan that consists of talented VFx artists and CG generalists. To learn more about the company and their works:


cheezit (3 years ago) Reply

WOW and WOW again....most impressive...I am drawn to both the visuals AND the story.....looks like something that wont make you feel retarded for watching it....really looking forward to this....


Jenny (3 years ago) Reply

Looks great, can't wait to see it. A bit confused though, who is the production team, who's the director, is it seems unclear as the inverse site unprofessional and it doesn't seem they would do this.


Anonymous (3 years ago) Reply

shit movie... who the hall is the directour? lloks crap. This is what we can expesct from india movie makers.. it will be a big flap. whoever the companies are making it are idiots. Hollywood rulzzzz!!!!


John Long silver (3 years ago) Reply

@ anonymous, this isn't Indian, you missed the bit where it said Pakistani.

While on the topic, I hear more about movies from India but rarely see anything even close to this. It actually looks quite impressive , I will certainly be keeping a close eye


Mak Bruno (3 years ago) Reply

Kolachi is technically not the first Pakistani Science Fiction movie, there had been 2 more science fiction movies made in Pakistan during the late 1980s.

Son of Andata directed by Mr. Iqbal Yusuf
The first science fiction movie from Pakistan. The Pakistani actor Sultan Rahi starred as an evil robot invented by a scientist ( for his nefarious goals.

Shaani directed by Mr. Saeed Rizvi
Synopsis - A man, Shani (Played by Sheri Malik), is killed by an evil land-lord. After his death, an alien comes to earth. When that alien learns about shaani, it disguises itself like him and seeks revenge with the land-lord and in the meantime falling in love with the real shaani’s love interest played by Babra Sharif.


Old Joe (3 years ago) Reply

It's just the VFx part that I like the most. I have never seen a movie from Pakistan that has the slightest CGI in it. The story is just plain old simple and has been executed several times by many Hollywood directors. Nothing big about the story. Just the visuals that are appealing.


John (3 years ago) Reply

@ Jenny
Yea you are right. I think you better check this link out for correct info.


Steffano (3 years ago) Reply

Ciao, India, Pakisanto or Americao, whatava it looks very amazing and we all waiting to view.


Captain Cook (3 years ago) Reply

Bodhicitta works, you guys suck!! and so does Buddhism. Seriously. has any one of you studied film making from a reknowned film school?? LMAO..!! this is hilarious


Peace_minion (3 years ago) Reply

@Cook: Stop it man. You shouldn't blame religion just because the movie looks bad. And it's not that bad either. I'd give 5/10 for this one.


Anonymous (3 years ago) Reply

How can you say 'did anyone study from a renowned school', most 'famous' directors didn't even go to film school - do your research and how dare you say Buddhism sucks. That is the most bigoted remark I've ever heard. You will never find a Buddhist saying Christianity sucks, or Judaism or Islam sucks. Two things in life reveal what type of people we are....They things you can't say and the thing you do say...We all know what type of person you are. You just told us. Anyway, enjoy your life happen, hope your attitude doesn't bring you to much grief, somehow I doubt it though. Sad!


sharl (3 years ago) Reply

Shame on you fool. I am a Muslim and respect Buddhism very much. It practices tolerance and peace and control, something I think you could learn....


a little bit of sense (2 years ago) Reply

@cook you should be ashamed of yourself for saying that, why would you even say anything like that and too when making a comment about a movie???
You're a pathetic jerk, respect all religions no matter which one you believe in

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