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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.17.11] movie trailer news scifi thriller

Writer/director Gregory Orr’s Recreator looks pretty great. It’s the story of three teens who head off into the wilderness for a weekend of camping, end up squatting in an empty cabin rather than roughing it in the woods and there encounter…themselves!

It sounds a bit cheesy and it certainly starts off a little silly but I’m loving that this isn’t taking itself too seriously, even when the clones seem to be on a mission to kill the originals and take over their lives. It looks like fun, even if I can’t figure out how their arrival at the cabin could possibly have triggered some evil scientist’s experiment.

The film has already screened for a few audiences but is about to get its biggest push when it plays Sci-Fi London in a few weeks. I’m hopeful we’ll get a chance to see it in the near future.

I love the tagline for the film: “Stronger. Faster. Better. You Will Be Replaced.” And the poster’s pretty spiffy too with its retro stylings.

Certainly looks fun.

Trailer after the break.

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Shaitaan (11 years ago) Reply

Funny, when I first read the title for this I automatically thought 'Recreator' meant a sports-themed killer. Kitted out like Casey Jones with his hockey stick and maybe a spiked metal basketball or something.

This movie looks like fun though.

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