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Christopher Webster [Film Festival 04.18.11] Poland movie news interview scifi comic

We recently caught up with Roland von Ciel, co-producer on the upcoming Polish cult scifi/detective comic adaptation Funky Koval. Of course we wanted to know who was attached to direct, star and where the feature film project was at. Not surprisingly, Ciel was legally bound to be cagey on the details, but he passed along a couple new posters and gave us just enough to be tantalized.

Why Funky Koval? Why now?

The idea for the movie came to me a long time ago as I was a fan myself as a child growing up in Europe. Maybe it should've been brought to the big screen 20yrs ago, but luckily the technology has changed so much, even in the last few years, that now instead of being the generation that would've grown up seeing a movie with second rate special effects, we can truly utilize the amazing cgi and 3D technology available to create a quality movie.

What the heck's taking so long?

When people initially heard that the movie was going to take a while (editor's note: 2-3 years) they were of course somewhat disappointed. The main reason for it is that both we decided to make an independent production. We could've sold it many times but since you only get one chance to make a first impression - especially when it comes to an adaptation for the silver screen - you want to give it your best!

We did not want a big studio to come in and take over a project they may not be intimately familiar with. I am sure that you are aware by now just what an incredibly valuable property Funky Koval is. We want to make the first one right so we can make the others as well (just as good of course!). There is not only more than enough material for several sequels, but the author got so inspired he decided to come out of retirement and create four more stories (as you know the originals were never concluded).

What about talent? Who's involved behind and in front of the camera?

In the entertainment industry, until someone's name is on the dotted line we can not legally claim him or her being part of the production. However without dropping any names, we do have a great director on board who would like to shoot it in 3D as well. (just so happens that he directed one of my all time favorite sci-fi flicks).

We also have talent on board in the US as well as in Europe, however the leads have not been chosen in spite of the internet rumors. We are definitely looking at a few individuals that fit the part, but sometimes even if they are interested unfortunately scheduling conflicts don't allow them to take the part. If everything works according to plans, we hope to go into pre-production very soon though.

For the production side, we have several interested parties on both side of the ocean. Including and Academy Award winning special FX company wanting to work with us. Recently several Polish companies approached us to see if we would be open to letting them come on board. Even though they may not have the credit list compared to say Industrial Light and Magic, we still felt that besides of course bringing very high quality work, them being from Poland would also give them a little more pride to work on something that originated from there.

You're hosting a movie poster contest right? Tell us about that?

As far as the "Movie Poster Challenge" goes... You know how it is when you are a fan and there is virtually no chance for you to ever be involved in your favorite movie. We hope to change all that and hopefully start a positive trend where at least some of the hardcore fans can participate in some small way. So yes it is true there'll be a poster challenge coming up (dates TBA) as soon as we iron out all the legal mambo-jumbo. It will be hosted on the official site as well as on FB. The artworks (hopefully many!) will be voted on by the fans themselves so it gives a fair chance to most everyone to win.

The winning artwork is to be used as one of the official posters for the movie. There will be a cutoff date for submissions as well as for votes. The winner will most likely get two tickets to come to Hollywood and join us for the Premiere.

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Anglebender (12 years ago) Reply

I remember seeing a few issues of this at a friend's house long ago. I don't speak Polish, but the art is what has stuck with me all these years.


Umberto (12 years ago) Reply

Ha! ricordo questo straordinario fumetto polacco anni '80 ricco di dettagli,veramente ben fatto!.
Speriamo che ne facciano un buon film!


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

@anglebender: sadly there is no english version in print yet!


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

More Euro space opera a la Fifth Element please!


adam (12 years ago) Reply

nice! so when is the damn thing coming out ?!


green (12 years ago) Reply



brandon (12 years ago) Reply

fifth element! F*&% yeah!!!! i hiope it is luc besson the producer is talking about!


pete (12 years ago) Reply

the author did just mention Josh holloway from "Lost" to play Funky! we are glad it s not going to be mccounaghey!!!

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