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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 04.21.11] Japan movie trailer news thriller

Japanese master of the creepy (and bloody not to mention twisted) Sion Sono just keeps pumping them out. I really enjoyed last year’s offering Cold Fish (review) and it looks like Sono is changing gears a little for 2011. Premiering at Cannes’ Director's Fortnight sidebar, Guilty of Romance is still based on true events (likely very loosely) but is being toted as “crime noir.”

The synopsis reads :

Izumi is married to a famous romantic novelist but their life seems just a simple repetition without romance. One day, she decides to follow her desires and accepts to be a naked model that fakes sex in front of the camera. Soon she meets a mentor and starts selling her body to strangers but at home, she is still the wife she is supposed to be. One day a brutally murdered body is found in the love hotels district. The police tries to understand what happened.

So let’s recap: women, sex and murder. Sounds like another winning combination for Sono, not to mention more than enough story to turn in a few shocking moments.

Look for this one touring the festival circuit over the coming months but for now, take a peek at the first teaser for the film which the good folks at Twitch dredge up.

Teaser after the break.

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