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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 06.03.11] thriller drama vampires

It took me a minute to figure out what exactly I was watching, "Vampire Movie Trailer" is so generic. Some of the images are hauntingly beautiful, even through the grain and unreadable credits, and then I spotted the unmistakable Kevin Zegers, hiding under a beard and glasses, and knew it was video from Shunji Iwai's English language debut Vampire.

Judging from the quality of the video and the fact that this uses music from the soundtrack for another movie which happens to feature vampires (not to mention the end credit bit), it's pretty obvious that this isn't an official trailer but considering we've only seen a few clips from the movie, this is definitely a nice little bonus.

Technically, this is and isn't a vampire movie as Zegers' school teacher character doesn't suck people's blood but he does consume it, from willing women he seeks out on internet suicide forums. There are various levels of creepiness in that short plot description. Aside from Zegers the film also stars Keisha Castle-Hughes (the whale rider is all grown up), Rachael Leigh Cook, Kristin Kreuk (of "Smallville" fame), Adelaide Clemens, Trevor Morgan, Amanda Plummer, and Japanese star Yu Aoi.

The film's reception has been a little mixed but nothing so terrible that it should be buried but unfortunately, still without a distributor, it may be a while before any of us have a chance to see the film outside of the festival circuit. I'm thinking the subject matter is likely limiting distribution options but hopefully someone steps up to the plate soon.

The trailer, while it lasts, along with previously released clips after the break.

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