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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.14.11] United Kingdom movie news poster thriller

Last we heard, Black Death's Christopher Smith was attached to adapt the successful teenage spy series starting with "Cherub: The Recruit". How close that project was to getting off the ground has been a bit of a mystery, but since we've just found this legitimate teaser poster for the film (as in definitely not fan made), it makes us think that perhaps the film might be coming sooner than we thought.

Young James Adams joins CHERUB, a top-secret branch of the British Secret Service that recruits orphan children, training them to work as spies.

The book was adapted for the screen by Chicken Run's Mark Burton and then it was given a spruce by Public Enemies scribe Ronan Bennett.

We have no idea when it'll start filming, or if it'll even be Smith's next film but take a gander at the film's first poster after the break.

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Lenny (10 years ago) Reply

Bummer. Love Smith, not at all what I would hope he was working on...


jess (10 years ago) Reply

That doesn't look very cherub...
I bloody hope they don't make it look like a rip off of spy kids.


Alex L (3 years ago) Reply

I love Cherub, I have read all the books but that is not Cherub. I would give anything for there to be a Cherub movie done exactly like the books.

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