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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 06.18.11] Mexico movie trailer news scifi drama

We all have varying tastes that appeal to us at certain times in our lives or heck, at certain hours of the day but most of us have a genre we love so much, we could watch endless hours of it. For me, that has to be the low-key scifi dramas, films like Gattaca, Code 46, Never Let Me Go (review), Transfer (review) and to an extent, both Blade Runner and Children of Men though these two are much bigger in scope and budget. I'm thrilled to have another possible entry into the list of "cerebral scifi."

Alejandro Molina makes the jump from film editor to director with By Day and by Night ( De dia y de noche), a quiet drama set in a future where overpopulation has forced the state to take an innovative approach to population control. In the case here, they have implanted the population with an enzyme which has resulted in people who are only awake during the day or at night – never crossing paths. It's to this backdrop that Molina sets his story of a family divided by enzymes who make a run for the uncontrolled world outside the cities.

The film is scheduled to play the Edinburgh International Film Festival later this month and we'll be keeping a close eye on this one because it looks fantastic. And that poster? Also pretty awesome.

Trailer after the break, and you can check out the original 8 minute reel we have for the film here.

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Sophia (11 years ago) Reply

Looks interesting.
Same lady from 2033, another Mexican scifi film. Also from several telenovelas, but we don't need to focus on that. ;)


wa5 (11 years ago) Reply

Story sounds a little like "Dayworld"...


SHU-IZMZ (11 years ago) Reply

I don't know. This trailer seems to be lacking. I was bored. It looked cool aesthetically, but they could had some more going on in it.

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