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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.21.11] movie trailer news horror

The first trailer has appeared for Paranormal Activity 3 which is being directed by Henry Joost who made the controversial "documentary" Catfish.

Original director/producer Oren Peli is still attached to the project as a writer and producer so if you're a fan of the first two entries you're probably in good hands.

I actually thought the second film was an interesting follow. By going back and showing a story that explains more about how the first couple ended up having this demon to deal with, the series was given some drama and weight and I was glad to see they didn't just knock of the first one like I expected them too.

Go ahead and get creeped-out after the break... if you dare!

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Lessa (10 years ago) Reply

Hey, I watched Catfish and I seriously don't know if it is a fiction movie with script and actors, or a actual documentary with real people. Can you tell?
I really appreciate an answer for that, so I can go back to sleep again :)
greetings from Brazil


Bob roberts (10 years ago) Reply

just as well they didnt say candyman 5 times! then theyd truely be screwed!


This Movie Guy (10 years ago) Reply

Check out my breakdown of the new teaser trailer for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3:


Rev Wright (10 years ago) Reply


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