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AMC have released the official Waling Dead Season 2 poster created by Tim Bradstreet, the renowned comic book artist known for his work on "The Punisher" and "Blade". The poster made it's debut at the 2011 Comic Con.

The release of the poster continues AMC's trend of using famous artists to create their marketing materials. Drew Struzan, famous for his word designing posters for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Blade Runner and many other iconic films designed the poster for season one.

Both posters certainly have their own feel and I'd say this new one by Bradstreet is much edgier and scary which coincides with the first clip from the show that premiered a few days back.

The second season of Walking Dead premiers on Halloween night, October 2011. I think it's safe to say it'll be another record breaking event for AMC who continues to churn out some amazing original content including Breaking Bad, Mad Men and, most recently, The Killing.

You can take a look at both posters below.

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