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Christopher Webster [Cathode Ray Mission 07.23.11] Tuvalu post apocalyptic trailer scifi webseries

Bryan Singer of Superman Returns, X-Men and The Usual Suspects fame is hard at work on a cutting edge new sci-fi web series called "H+," which is being directed by Stewart Hendler who did Sorority Row.

The trailer premiered at Comic-Con and now we've got it, so you can watch below.

H+: The Digital Series takes viewers on a journey into an apocalyptic future where technology has begun to spiral out of control…. a future where 33% of the world’s population has retired its cell phones and laptops in favor of a stunning new device – an implanted computer system called H+.

This tiny tool allows the user’s own mind and nervous system to be connected to the Internet 24 hours a day. But something else is coming… something dark and vicious… and within seconds, billions of people will be dead… opening the door to radical changes in the political and social landscape of the planet — prompting survivors to make sense of what went wrong.

Singer is producing the new series and it is expected to premiere online later in 2011.

Check it out below!

Via: GenreAddict

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Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

looks pretty good!


Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

Is it just me or this pic a dead looky-like of the poster for Skyline?


Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

it looks really good for a web series.


texjj (10 years ago) Reply

Looks cool. What is the revenue model to pay for such high quality production work? It looks well organized and how do the producers and actors get compensated?


rbk (10 years ago) Reply

Well, I'm definitely intrigued!


Derek (10 years ago) Reply

Texjj, Usually through Ads on the site, Donations and DVD & merchandise sales. And some times Subscription services.

Though I must say, this looks way more polished than most web series. I look forward to it.


Marc McKenzie (10 years ago) Reply

Count me as very interested...the premise looks cool, very much like something Michael Crichton (sic) would have come up with....

Will definitely have to check it out.


dogstar23 (10 years ago) Reply

I'm guessing, as far as funding, there's some pro-transhumanist group funding behind it.

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