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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.09.11] movie trailer news poster horror

Marina actually posted some lengthy thoughts on this flick when we posted the trailer way back in may, but now there's a cool new poster.

Great poster hey? Probably because it was designed by Tom Hodge the maniac behind the fantastic Hobo With a Shotgun posters. We don't know much about Dear God No! but something tells me James Bickert's exploitation flick about "a biker gang exploitation flick about "The Impalers" who go on a murder spree then pull a home invasion on a disgraced Anthropologist "with a secret" won't hold a candle to Eisner's already classic Canuck shocker.

That's about it really. Thanks to First Showing for the heads up on this one.

You'll find the fairly insane NSFW trailer and a larger version of the poster below.

Enter at own risk!

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