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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.07.11] movie news horror

Sean Stone has been working both in front and behind the camera for a number of years but he's remained mostly under the radar. I'm not convinced his new project, a handheld camera horror film titled Greystone (originally known as SecretStone) is going to be the film to make him stand out but I am happy to see that he's taking a different approach than dad.

With Stone Sr. on board for a cameo, the film stars Sean and a few other folks as a group of friends who decide to break into an abandoned mental asylum. With cameras and light in tow, the group head inside, find a bunch of creepy things, experience some evil and then discover they can't escape.

Not exactly a new formula and it doesn't look like Stone is trying to re-invent the wheel, just make a really good spoke. I'm not sure he's succeeded, I tend to have some sort of reaction to these trailers but this one did nothing for me, but I do like some of what he has going here particularly the flashes of old asylum footage which is nearly always effective in carefully balanced doses along with flashes of some other visuals which suggest some ugly things are in store for the group.

Still no distributor for Greystone but I wouldn't be surprised to see it picked-up in the coming months for release in the early 2012.

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