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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 09.08.11] movie trailer news thriller mystery

I think Danny Glover is ready to make his comeback.

I know what you're thinking: he hasn't exactly disappeared and you're absolutely right – he's still around and making movies but nothing memorable. Then I see a trailer for Jim Cliffe's Donovan's Echo and I tell you, it looks like Glover is back and in memorable fashion.

Glover stars as Donovan, a man who lost his family in a tragic accident thirty years ago. A series of events, and from the looks of the trailer some dreams as well, leads him to believe that history is repeating itself so he goes out of his way to try and save his neighbour's from a similar fate. Starring opposite Glover are the great Bruce Greenwood and BSG's Sonja Bennett.

I'm not thrilled by the first trailer for the film which is a little on the long side and reveals quite a bit of the story but I do like what I see from both Greenwood and Glover in particular. I'm also curious to see what the introduction of Ouroboros means for the reality in which the story takes place. From the looks of things, Donovan may have some special powers that allow him to see how history is repeating itself, and not simply in a figurative way.

Cliffe isn't new to the film business. He made a very well received short a few years ago and the script for Donovan's Echo has been recognized by the Nicholl Screenwriting Competition as well as the Page International Screenwriting Awards which bodes well for the source material. The film will premiere at VIFF.

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