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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 09.08.11] Canada movie trailer news

Loud music, few inhibitions, close, sweaty contact with others, the sensual movement of body on body… it's not surprising to think that this situation could end with a one night stand. What may be unexpected is that one night stand turning into a night of self discovery and an exploration of relationships and what makes men and women tick.

Anne Émond's debut feature Nuit #1 begins at a rave. Clara and Nikolai meet while sharing a night of dancing which ends at Nikolai's apartment in a tangled mess of bodies and sheets but when Nikolai catches Clara sneaking away without so much as a goodbye, he launches into a critique of modern women who behave like men. This claim leads to hours of conversation where "Clara and Nikolai learn as much about each other in a few hours as some learn over the course of a long-term relationship."

Set mostly in Nikolai's apartment, Nuit #1 delves into the deepest corners of both parties to reveal not only what makes these characters tick but what their condensed relationship has to say about the way we interact.

I love one room dramas. Add in a tale that pointedly deals with a topics as complicated as relationships and love you have me hooked. A beautiful trailer doesn't hurt either.

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