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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.16.11] post apocalyptic movie trailer news

Carriers directors Alex and David Pastor have an all new post-apocalyptic vision called The Last Days. The film was quickly backed by Weinstein when it was announced and is already in production. The first preview/promo trailer rolled for investors at TIFF. Then it rolled onto Quiet Earth thanks to a very thoughtful QE tipster.

A mystery in the form of agoraphobia is expanding throughout the world, leaving all the people trapped in their homes.

While this social disorder ravaging Barcelona, ​​Matthew will be separated from his pregnant girlfriend and he will initiate a fight through a city to gradually rescue his girl and her baby ... even if I have to go outside to do it" (Box Office).

I'm a big fan of Carriers, so I'm glad to see this one steamrolling ahead.

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uncleB (8 years ago) Reply

I really liked carriers. Interested in hearing more about this one.


EarthsSurvivor (8 years ago) Reply

Looks great. Cannot wait!


arnold (8 years ago) Reply

Nice teaser. Makes me interested and curious to know more. Definitely will keep on my radar. Hopefully no future post would reveal to much of the mystery.


shocbomb (8 years ago) Reply

Alright now the PA films are really starting to get far fetched, A social anxiety / mental disorder like agoraphobia or be it any other mental illness are not carried in a world wide virus,bacteria,fungus,etc its not something you catch, Please looks horrible even if its shot good I can't buy such a stupid and just fake plot.


pleeg3 (8 years ago) Reply

How come no one ever tries the old "magnet at the end of a rope or string trick". Heck someone in the apartment building must have a fishing pole. Why draw straws to die when you could probably "MacGyver" a way to get the food. I guess that wouldn't be "dramatic". I guess stupidity is the number 1 killer after any apocalypse .

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