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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.18.11] Argentina horror

It's been quite some time since we last heard any updated on the horror short Deus Irae. Pedro Cristiani's short film looked like a great supernatural/religious thriller which featured some pretty spectacular practical effects. The trailer revealed that indeed that was the case as was reaction from the short which played at Toronto After Dark last year.

With the film complete and a few screenings under his belt, Cristiani is expanding the scope of his story, which sees the Deus Irae as a "secret order of priests who protect the world from the dark kingdom that lies just beyond our world. The creatures that inhabit it are on always on the lookout for a way into our world, awaiting the opportunity to do so via the weak and innocent."

I expect the film will expand on the story of Father Marcos which is at the centre of the short film but it will likely be a bit of time before we see many details on the upcoming feature length project. Until then, we do have a little treat. Cristiani has made the short, complete with English subtitles, available for online viewing and you can check it out in all it's bloody goodness below.

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Guillegaga (10 years ago) Reply

Deus Irae in its full 13min Glory!!!!

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