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Fox and Sony Pictures Television have announced they are developing a half-hour TV comedy version of Zombieland, based on the "surprise" hit 2009 film of the same name. The announcement, made hours after The Walking Dead raked in some serious ratings (7.3 million viewers) for its second season premier, makes a good case that this project could actually end up being fast tracked.

The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter who say that "the TV project would be written by Zombieland scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and produced with an eye on putting the project into development for the 2012-13 broadcast season.

They also report that the TV show would replace a big-screen sequel that we know many of you were hoping for.

More as it comes!

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(9 years ago) Reply

I really didn't think Zombieland was that good. I don't get why so may people (americans) think it's so damn funny.


(9 years ago) Reply

zombieland was funny,not the best movie ever, but funny. it's a nice change... from horror to comedy.


Godmules (9 years ago) Reply

Movie was okay... but a tv show eehh may not work unless they use the same charecters


JaysonKB190 (8 years ago) Reply

According to IMDB, this was originally developed as a TV show but got upgraded to a full fledged movie. Be interested to see it as "nature" intended.

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