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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.21.11] Poland animation war

One of the films generating a bit of buzz in animation circles that then exploded after screening at SIGGRAPH 2011 is Damian Nenow's Paths of Hate. Produced at Poland's Platige Image, home to a number of world class animators including The Cathedral and The Kinematograph (trailer) director Tomek Baginski, the 10 minute short combines a comic book style aesthetic with a fantastic dogfight that rivals anything else I've seen over the last few years (including The Red Baron's breathtaking sequences).

The story behind Paths of Hate was conceived five years ago while Nenow was still in school and after seeing Baginski's The Cathedral he wanted to make a film expanding on Baginski's style; must have been a rush to land at the same studio with Baginski playing the role of executive producer on his film.

For those who are interested in additional information on the making of the short, Motionographer has a very thorough interview with Nenow in which he discusses not only the concept of the film but also provides great detail about the technical aspects of creating this excellent short.

Those who just want to see the short can do so below. The film is also available in HD - I highly recommend the extra load time.

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Baron Von Zero (9 years ago) Reply

Excellent...I have always had an interest in the duality of hate & this puts it all into perspective, for me, it is such an amazing & beautiful way to tell a story without words and really when the 2 lines meet does it really tie in seeing the history of hate in blood (kind of reminds me of the bomber segment from the heavy metal movie...loved that & loved this)!


(9 years ago) Reply

already removed from YT due to copyright claim...


Raven (9 years ago) Reply

Here is again! I dont know how long will be online this time.
Its a very good short. I really enjoyed it.

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