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A few years ago I had the opportunity to see Randall Cole's Real Time, a little drama about a young guy (Jay Baruchel) who owed some bad people a lot of money and was driven around town to say his final goodbye's by the man who was hired to kill him (Randy Quaid). Featuring good performances from both leads and a great sense of direction from Cole, Real Time was a memorable dramedy that showcased Cole's writing and directing talents.

It's been a few years coming but Cole's follow-up, a thriller titled 388 Arletta Avenue, which he also wrote, recently premiered at TIFF at it sounds promising. The film stars Nick Stahl (who has been working and churning out projects as consistently as Rutger Hauer) and the gorgeous Mia Kirshner as a young couple who are being watched 24 hours a day. The film is shot entirely through surveillance and handheld cameras which is a perfect way to tell this story though in today's film culture, this isn't a new approach.

I've liked Cole's work to date and am a fan of both Stahl and Kirshner so I'm interested to see how this stylized approach to capturing this story adds to the overall project. There are few details on why the couple is being watched or by whom and the teaser doesn't provide any clues. An earlier teaser evaporated from the web shortly after it was leaked and this new teaser comes to us via Russia and it's not clear whether it's authorized or not but the bit of footage provided paints a pretty good picture of what we can expect: terror and paranoia.

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