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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.17.11] movie news scifi gallery

Samurai sword wielding space babes, Mechs, sand worms and a claustrophobic deep-space mutiny are only some of the reasons to be excited about White Space, a independent scifi production mounted by FX man-turned-director, Ken Locsmandi.

FYI, Locsmandi is the founder of Filmworks/FX, Inc. a visual effects team that has provided work for such films as City of Ember, Rescue Dawn, Apocalypto, Knight and Day and Date Night. As an artist, Ken created visual effects on The Matrix, The Cell, and Fight Club as well as many other Hollywood blockbusters.

White Space was written by Ryan Colucci who if you haven't heard of yet you will soon as he, along with acclaimed director Mike Newell, is teaming up with Warner Brothers Pictures to produce Terry Brooks’ "Shannara" fantasy series.

When a deep space fishing vessel is robbed by a gang of space pirates, the Captain makes a daring decision to go after a rare and nearly extinct species. On the hunt, the ship takes as much damage as it gives, but the Captain’s obsession propels them further into space and danger. The crew spins into a downward spiral of mutiny and betrayal on a voyage that takes the ship, and its crew, to what may just be the point of no return…

White Space stars Holt McCallany, Zulay Henao, Dave Sheridan, James Devoti, Kodi Kitchen, Jocko Sims, Mike Genovese and Tiffany Brouwer.

No word on release and not footage yet, but we've got a great gallery of concept art and still below to tide you over.

More as it comes!

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(9 years ago) Reply

Where are all the new ideas. And/Or Visions?


Covax (9 years ago) Reply

This isn't just Space Moby Dick again is it?


Irish (9 years ago) Reply

For one theres no Mech in Mobey Dick, nor are there a hot crew babes. For two theres more too it than just that. Read their site at (Google is your friend). it has a Moby Dick theme to it but its got more than that. Its got pirates, aliens, madness (mobey had that though), and a from what the site says (which i love) they have guys who did matrix on deck doing the special effects. And lets be real here, special effects will make or break the movie. You cant take this kind of film seriously if the Monster looks stupid like collucis shitty hair do. it doesnt matter how great the story is if you dont have the pieces to bring it together to make it hold you in the movie and they definitely seem to have their heads on straight in that department.


scifigeek (9 years ago) Reply

hell yeah! agreed, Irish- they got the dude from Iron Man, Watchmen doing their production design -- dude from Matrix directing and Zulay Henao (boner city) starring with Lights Out Leary, Holt McCallany!!!! SCORE


colucciiswaybetterlookingthanyou (9 years ago) Reply

No, no boys... there is one L in Colucci.


scifigeek (9 years ago) Reply

Shannara??- holy sh*t I think I just had a wet dream. He should have like 3 Ls in his name. lots of peeps involved with White Space--- Looks like the company's doing it are Spoke Lane Entertainment and Mike the Pike Productions- some weird f-ing names but purty kewl! I can't wait to see this. anyone know when its coming out? is there a trailer online somewhere? help a brotha out with a link?

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