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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.16.11] cyberpunk

During the Toronto International Film Festival, a room full of Industry Delegates met with an audience of Gaming and New Media experts to listen in on a panel discussion about the development of the up and coming adaptation of William Gibson’s Neuromancer as both a film and a video game.

That panel is now available for all to watch!

TIFF Nexus is a series of long-form panel discussions about cutting-edge transmedia projects that integrate a large spectrum of artists, creators and producers.

On deck for this hour-long conversation about the Neuromancer project is Neuromancer‘s writer/director Vincenzo Natali and the film’s producer Jay Firestone, along with Trevor Fencott, the president and CEO of Bedlam Games, who will be developing the game adaptation of the classic cyberpunk novel, and Francesca Accinelli the director of the Canada Media Fund’s English Market.

The panel attracted a standing-room only audience and delved into some intense ruminations on the process of adaptation for both the film and video game medium.

Check it out.

Recommended Release: The Neuromancer Trilogy (Sprawl Trilogy)

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