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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.19.11] scifi animation

When we learned that Appleseed director Shinji Aramaki was making a new Starship Troopers feature we knew we'd be getting power suits. I mean, c'mon. Well some new concept art has emerged for the project that provides us our first look at what those suits could look like and there definitely sleeker than the heavy suits from Starship Troopers 3.

Producer Joseph Chou says: "After 3 movies by legendary creative minds, I wanted the Starship Troopers franchise to continue on but with a new direction. Luckily, the former movies did not fully decrypt the power suits from the original novel by Robert A Heinlein. When I realized this, it gave me a spark of idea. The gentleman I met at Comicon, Mr. Shinji Aramaki, is known for his realistic yet stylish mechanical designs, and he did design some power suits in his past works (e.g. Appleseed). He would be the perfect person to re-imagine the power suits for Starship Troopers! I eagerly proposed this idea to Joseph and Mr. Aramaki and I got a very positive response — with even a quick initial sketch by Mr. Aramaki (See picture below. Just to be clear, this is not the final version as it will be more badass)."

The the gallery below you'll also find some artwork for "Fort Casey" a location in the new film (named after Ed Neumeier's son) and some recognizable transport carriers.

Via: Starship Troopers: Invasion blog

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