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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 02.06.12] drama

When you know little about a production and don't recognize any of the names involved, a trailer can be a huge selling point for would-be fans. Trailers are often deceptive, building up a movie that ends up a complete disappointment but in some instances, the trailers don't do enough to sell a project. That's most definitely the case with the trailer for Tim Sutton's Pavilion which left me really underwhelmed yet something about the collection of images which say nothing about the story nagged enough at me that I went searching for more details.

I landed on Pavilion's website reading a longer description than that provided by SXSW, which explains that Max, a quietly troubled 15 year old, leaves his lakeside town to live with his father on the sun-blasted fringe of suburban Arizona. As the film drifts through endless summer days, the story is transformed through a succession of interrelated characters and what starts in a calm, lush, safe environment ends in a drastic, frayed and dark confusion.

I still wasn't completely sold but when the film is compared to a number of my favourite indie films of the last few years (Ballast, George Washington, Elephant), I'm definitely going to pay a little closer attention.

A second viewing of the trailer hasn't changed my mind, it's an unremarkable trailer, but in combination with the synopsis and a gorgeous set of stills on the film's website, most of the shots being taken during the magical twilight hour, has peaked my interest. If this is anywhere in the ballpark of Ballast, George Washington or Elephant, it will a must see.

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