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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 02.06.12] drama

It never ceases to amaze me the excuses people come up with to explain perfectly explainable situations. Some are more ludicrous than others but nothing quite beats immaculate conception to explain pregnancy. Generally these stories are handled with a touch of comedy and the would-be mother is ridiculed for her crazy idea but Rebecca Thomas' debut (and Kickstarter project) Electrick Children takes the idea and moulds it into what appears to be a tale of self discovery.

Rachel is a young Mormon girl living in a fundamentalist community where rock music is banned but when she uncovers a cassette tape featuring the frowned upon music, she has an epiphany. A few months after the discovery of the tape she finds herself pregnant and claims that it was the music that impregnated her. Her parents hastily arrange to marry her off but Rachel runs off to Las Vegas in search of the man whose voice, she thinks, has something to do with her pregnancy.

It doesn't sound like anything particularly special but I love the look of the trailer for Thomas' film which features gorgeous cinematography and a suggestion that Electrick Children is a serious drama, even if it features a loopy plot. Relative new-comer Julia Garner stars as Rachel while Rory Culkin and Billy Zane co-star.

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