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quietearth [Celluloid 04.12.12] Belgium giallo

Two years back, neo-giallo Amer wowed audiences with it's visually stunning style and deviant storyline. The director duo behind this, Helene Cattet and Bruno Forzani, are already shooting their next which translates as The strange colour of your body’s tears. There's few details, but we do have a synopsis below along with the trailer for Amer.

Michel comes back to Brussels from a business trip. On arriving at his apartment, located in a large Art Nouveau house, he finds out that his wife Edwige has disappeared. His anxiety is increased by a puzzling detail: despite the fact that his apartment is totally empty, the security chain has been fastened from the inside! Michel starts leading his own investigation, questioning the other tenants in order to know more about the strange events. But the further he goes, the more he gets stuck in a fantasy universe where the boundaries between dream and reality seem to disappear.

Is the secret of his wife’s disappearance to be found in the oppressive fantasies that are plaguing him? Are the other tenants of the house leading us towards an exploration of Michel – and his wife's - multifaceted personality?

The house gradually turns into a nightmarish maze which seems to be a reflection of Michel's subconscious... Or possibly that of someone else...

via Cineuropa

Amer trailer:

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brettlv5506 (7 years ago) Reply

Sounds like a Kobo Abe novel. Gotta keep tabs on this


Hosny (7 years ago) Reply

-_-; How about instead of God, just be more ineeultctlally appealing?Unless the woman in question is also highly religious, then never mind.Some women might say they want a good Christian boy, but they usually don't mention how the good boy needs to be a bit of a bad boy in certain conditions.

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