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quietearth [Celluloid 04.12.12] Germany drama

UPDATED with English subbed trailer

Children disappear, leaving the adults behind. There's milita groups and a large police presence in the street. Children are not allowed to be out after dark. The world has changed. Having premiered at Berlinale, we brought you the teaser for this incredible sounding film, and while we wait on a promised English subbed trailer, here's the German version.

There’s a feeling going round Europe – and not only Europe. Something is not right about the place anymore. What if a rapidly increasing number of young people were simply to withdraw their consensus that the common sense view of the world is a market-based, economised one? What if they were to leave the older generations behind, disappearing into the distance, as in the legend of the Pied Piper, so that only when the wind is blowing from a certain direction, can the distant laughter of children be heard? From one day to the next fourteen-year-old Martha disappears without a trace. Her father, who for years has had no contact with her, embarks on a search for his daughter. He finds himself entering the poetic-speculative in-between world of missing children who are in no way victims, but voluntary deserters who have turned their backs on the firmly established world of adults.

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Citizen_Kong (10 years ago) Reply

Man on Phone:
"Listen, I have nothing to do with it anymore! You wanted Martha for yourself!

Same Man on street:
"I have a daughter."

Woman's voice:
"What? And why are you telling me now?"

Man to girl:
"Has Martha said anything before she vanished?"


Man to door:
"I just want to talk to you! IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK?!"

Man to Woman:
"You still think you're the center of the world!"

Crying Woman:
"She wouldn't have simply left. She would have said something."

Man to Boy:
"Oy, stop!"

Man's voice:
"I am an engineer for reactor safety."

Boy's voice:
"Safety is just another brainwashing. You could solve it differently."


"Kill everybody over 60, for example."

Words on Banner:
"Get your kids back"

"They are just too many."

Man to boy:
"Do you have a leader?"


Feo (10 years ago) Reply

Thanks for translation dude.

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