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quietearth [Celluloid 05.10.12] Canada zombies horror comedy war

Pierre Spengler, whose produced countless movies (not many of them good) including Superman, is taking multiple comic projects to the Cannes film market looking to complete financing. They are all based on comics released by Humanoids Publishing which includes The Zombies that ate the World and I am Legion. Read on for the skinny!

The zombie comic is set in LA in 2064 where zombies are cheap labor and have terrible senses of humor. Then there's the zombie catchers. This zombedy is skedded to be directed by Erik Canuel (Bon Cap, Bad Cop) based on a script written by Michael McKenzie. While no production dates have been released, it's skedded to shoot in Canada.

I am Legion is based on the nazis trying to capture a 10 year old vampire. The interesting thing about this is Richard Stanley of Hardware fame is penning the script with Nacho Cerda (The Abandoned) directing. Again, no production dates but it's supposedly casting and is set to shoot in Romania.

via Screen Daily

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