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quietearth [Celluloid 06.04.12] United Kingdom scifi drama

An alternative future timeline. An Astronaut. A stowaway. A mission to Mars. How these all fit together is an enigma write/director Tony Sebastian Ukpo won't share, but from looking at some of his other work like Random 11, (which is processed through an arthouse filter) I'm excited.

He'll be shooting some preliminary footage in a couple of weeks, but for now here's a mood reel comprised of some old footage to give you the basic (but cryptic) gist. No set release date but we'll be keeping a close eye on Ukpo.

A multi-faceted story that takes place on an alternate future time line of Earth. A mysterious astronaut crash lands in the middle of an empty field. Elsewhere a young girl stows away on a touring vessel bound for the restored natural borders of the abandoned surface cities of a once thriving metropolis to search for her family. Further still, a prisoner and supposed terrorist, awaits training for a mission to mars that is causing political and social uproar. Fate causes all their paths to cross, but to what end? An exploration of life in a world struggling to re-imagine itself, and the people who inhabit it.

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