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quietearth [Celluloid 06.24.12] Japan post apocalyptic zombies drama

While I'm sick of films shot with handicams, this one is post apocalyptic, has zombies, and portrays a lifelike take on one of our favorite sub-genres. Too bad it doesn't look very good. What do you think?

The dead returned to Life...The gruesome predators...'Returners' have spread all over the world. Few survivors are living in the secluded and All the cities were occupied by the Returners. But, there is one figure walking in the ghost city. Holding strange shovel in one hand, And the dried meet, rice, and a body bag is packed in the military backpack he's carrying. His occupation is 'UNDERTAKER'. Going anywhere, taking care of walking dead for clients. Client could be anyone - the parent, the lover, the best friend - of the returner. Or maybe someone who hated the returner so much while the returner was living. There are so many things clients say, 'I can't do such thing...killing someone I love 'Can't take the risk...walking among the living dead.' 'Got a better things to do. 'And the Undertakers think, 'Killing past for their own reason...the Living are much selfish.' Suppressing the distress, Undertakers keep searching Returners in the ruins. And a sharpened shovel is his only companion.

via The Gomorrahizer

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Beppe (9 years ago) Reply

A professional approach to the zombi problem!
This is my shovel. There are many like it, but this one is mine...


Charles Widmore (9 years ago) Reply

Similar to Juan of the Dead.

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