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quietearth [Celluloid 06.12.12] scifi noir western

I traded emails with writer/director Gabe Ibanez awhile back regarding this incredible sounding AI noir, and while I'm awaiting info on an official shoot date, word is funding has been secured and Automata will begin shooting later this year. We've also got some updated concept art to add to the exclusive poster and concept video we posted back in February.

Earth. The near future.

The ecological collapse is corraling humankind inside its last shelters. A pre-apocalyptical society in which men coexist with robots, which work under two strictly enforced behavioral protocols: to preserve human life at all costs and to not alter or modify themselves or other robots.

Jacq Vacuan is about to become a father. Currently employed as an insurance agent for the robotics giant ROC, he faces the existential anguish of bringing a new life to a world that is fading away.

In the midst of this shipwreck, Jacq is commissioned the investigation of an illegal robot manipulation. What seems to be a routine case ends up turning into an event that will determine the second protocol and are traveling through the desert trying to escape from the humans.

During the course of his investigation he will realize that mankind has degenerated and that, somehow, the Robots are now carriers of the values that once were at the core of humanity and have been lost.

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Anaerin (9 years ago) Reply

Antonio Banderas? Automata? I do hope it's based on the Penny Arcade short (Which, from the synopsis, sounds VERY likely):


Tensen01 (9 years ago) Reply

I said the same thing when they first reported on it... If it's not based on PA I think there's definitely a chance for a lawsuit here

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