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quietearth [Celluloid 08.26.12] Poland scifi noir

For those familiar with Zulawski's porous scifi devolution On the Silver Globe, you're in for a big treat. Seemingly blending the currently popular genres with a page from Jodorowsky, Zulwaski is working on a scifi/metaphysical/noir which is currently in the financing/development stage, and we've got the first synopsis and promo art for you below.

Corti, an important entrepreneur from Lyon, dies in his bed, with his loved ones around him. His only son, Antony, came back to see his father for the last time. For this occasion, he meets again with his forever friend, Raoul, son of one of the closest employees of Corti. Though they've been separated for years because of their studies abroad - corporate finance for Antony and nuclear physics for Raoul - those two have kept the same affection and complicity.

While Antony takes in hand the business of his father and tries to win the confidence of his top executives and financial partners, a mysterious notebook left behind by Corti will increasingly puzzle him... Who was really his father? What was he doing in Africa 30 yeas ago with those same men who faithfully remained around him until today? Why did he lead his company into the industrial adventure of Geneva's Large Hadron Collider? What is this'‘dark matter' in which he seems to have drowned himself? ...

Day after day, Antony feels that his own life is on the edge. He would love to understand. But soon, money is lacking and Corti's industrial empire must absolutely find cash or die... The only solution imagined by Antony becoming more and more confused is to go back to the roots of gangsterism and organize a burglary.

A fantastic burglary in the great tradition of films noirs...

But a metaphysical burglary...

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