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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.07.12] horror

Writer/director/actor and Glass Eye Pix head, Larry Fessenden, will be back behind the camera to direct a man-eating fish film called Beneath. Apparently the lead has already been cast in newcomer Daniel Zovatto.

According to Variety, Beneath follows "six kids who find themselves stuck out on a lake in a rowboat being attacked by a ferocious, man-eating fish."

Horror fans in-the-know will be aware of Fessenden and his work with Glass Eye Pix. The Inkeepers, Stake Land, I sell the Dead are only a few of the trend setting titles the indie studio has been churning out lately.

This premise immediately reminded me of The Raft, the Stephen King penned segment from Creepshow 2 where a bunch of teens get caught on a dock in the middle of lake, stalked by a man-eating mass.

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quietearth (9 years ago) Reply

Awesome news. I loved The Last Winter so I'm looking forward to seeing what Fessenden does here.

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