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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.29.12] scifi dystopic

Ridley Scott's son, Luke Scott, in cooperation with RED Camera presents "LOOM". A film shot in the tone and style of Ridley Scott's dystopian Blade Runner.

The film was originally intended to help showcase the prototype REDray 3D laser player. The film was constructed for 3D, the film needed to push the limits of the cameras exposure sensitivity and colour range and 4K projection. Visually the film is unmatched to date in it's use of RED's new technology.

The film stars It features Giovanni Ribisi.

Higher Res version on RED Camera Forums

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Digger (5 years ago) Reply

In my opinion, it wasn't even close in style, tone, or mood, to Blade Runner. The first 14 minutes were extremely boring (ok, maybe that part is like Blade Runner ;-) and I didn't bother to finish watching it, maybe it went somewhere in the last 6 minutes, but you have been warned.


The Bishop (5 years ago) Reply

I don't know what Digger is talking about. Loom was facinating, thoroughly absorbing, and very well done. Giovanni Ribisi was excellent as always, and all the nods to Blade Runner made it more like a prequel. Also, very interesting how they quoted Darwin from On the Origin of Species at the end. That specific quote from the father of evolution points to his own belief in God.


Speedy (5 years ago) Reply

As usual, can not open the link at work... something about us having to do work instead of look at previews...

So, without looking at the preview, I have a question:

If this is done in Scott's style, does that mean he was taken off half way for going over budget? and we should also wait for the next 4 director's versions before we get his true version?


Anonymous (2 years ago) Reply


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