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quietearth [Celluloid 08.14.12] Peru apocalyptic drama

Why the hell is that kid wearing a box on his head? (Watch the trailer) Because the city of Lima is slowly dying from a mysterious plague which affects the lungs. It's billed as a Drama piece, but director Adrian Saba reportedly has a long career in Audiovisual productions (according to the San Sebastian Film Fest website) and this looks like it's going to be comprised of long, static, contemplative takes. Just my style.

The official English title is The Cleaner. We've got a trailer, a deleted scene, and their indiegogo funding campaign video (which oddly failed) below.

Eusebio, a quiet man who's job as a forensic cleaner is to sterilize after someone has died, is now facing the busiest moment in his career as the city of Lima is plagued by a mysterious epidemic outburst. A lethal infection to the lungs is now rapidly spreading through the city and shows no signs of stopping.

One day, as Eusebio is cleaning a desolate house, he finds an 8-year-old child hiding in a wardrobe who has evidently become an orphan. Tasked with finding the boy's remaining family, Eusebio struggles to take care of the boy in a city that is slowly falling apart.

Indiegogo funding video:

Deleted scene:

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