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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.14.12] Hong Kong crime

I may not be a connoisseur of Asian cinema but I do know that I love me some Johnnie To. Since I first set eyes on the director's Election I've been a fan and eagerly anticipate his next project and I rarely have to wait long considering the director pumps out movies two or three times a year.

Last year I had the chance to catch up with Life Without Principle (review) (though his romance Don't Go Breaking My Heart had little international play) and this year appears to be following a similar pattern with the romantic Romancing in Thin Air playing only a handful of festivals. Sadly, we don't have an action movie to counterbalance because To's Drug War is in post production and likely won't be making an appearance in any capacity until 2013.

While I mourn the lack of To goodness for 2012, I am happy to see that Drug War is a crime thriller and though details on the script are a closely guarded secret, a teaser trailer has made it's way online. It doesn't show much but suggests we have epic gang showdowns to look forward to!

Via Wildgrounds

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. (8 years ago) Reply

Any asian action films that AREN"T crime thrillers?

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