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Comic book legend Alan Moore isn't one to play nice with filmmakers. It has been well documented over the years that Hollywood has been adapting his works that Moore has, and wants, nothing to do with the adaptations of his work, adaptations that more often than not lose their way in the transfer from page to screen.

Over the years the results of those adaptations have been mixed, offering up everything from the gloriously awful The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to the nearly great V for Vendetta but regardless of the final result, Moore has been clear to distance himself from any of the projects.

Maybe this is a sort of middle finger to previous adaptations, but Moore has finally made the jump to the movies and it appears to be as twisted as anything the author has ever put on the page.

Jimmy's End is being toted as Moore's first screenwriting credit and for it, the author has teamed up with Mitch Jenkins to deliver one deliciously strange looking short film. Described by The Guardian as a "blood-rich, burlesque vision of a seedy, vaudevillian neo-1950s world" this 30 minute short is definitely one to look forward to and we don't have long to wait. It will be posted on-line at the official website in four days time.

A teaser trailer which plays more like a behind the scenes intro video appeared online last week, but an actual trailer has appeared online. Both can be viewed below.

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