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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 12.13.12] Ireland (Republic of) post apocalyptic scifi adventure

Co-writers Martin Brennan & Michael B Jackson are best known for their work in the video game industry, recently having co-written "Hitman: Absolution," but the pair aren't satisfied with videogames and comics so they're trying their hand at movies.

The Mulbury Project is their baby, a sci-fi tale set in 2025 centering on a young orphan boy who "braves the disease ridden landscape to help a young girl find her way home and hide from the ruthless corporation that is chasing her." The pair have been developing the project with commercial director Richie Smyth who, earlier this year, won a Cannes Lion Award for one of his commercials.

Not many details are available but we did uncover a trailer which suggests some good things. Now whether this is purely a concept trailer or actual footage is inconclusive at this point, it still doesn't diminish the fact that this is looking very promising. And if the trailer isn't enough, the movie's Facebook page has a spectacular assortment of concept art.

Stay tuned for more details!

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