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There have been few movies in the last year that have garnered as much notoriety as The Canyons.

Written by loud mouth author Bret Easton Ellis and directed by Paul Schrader, the screenwriter behind such classics as Raging Bull, Taxi Driver and Cat People among many others, not to mention a long list of director credits as well, the movie stars troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan and porn superstar James Deen as a couple with relationship problems. It's a little more complicated than that, she's cheating on him, he's abusive, and the entire thing falls apart.

The 70's styled trailer we posted late last year caught my attention: it looked fun and perhaps it might be an entertaining disaster but a new three minute clip which has appeared online suggests otherwise.

The clip comes attached to an article in the New York Times which only today appeared from behind the pay wall. The must read piece recounts the nightmares of production, from early days when the project was just an idea to the laborious task of working with Lohan.

The fact that there's a movie at all is a miracle but looking at this clip, it's doubtful the thing will be any good. Ellis himself complains that the 90 minute movie feels like its three hours long yet Schrader turned down Steven Soderbergh's offer to re-cut the movie. I can appreciate Schrader wants to hold on to his baby but if it means the difference between an unwatchable disaster and a entertaining bit of trash, maybe he should reconsider.

No news yet on when or if this will see the light of day though with all of the press, it would be a mistake to bury it now. Check out the first real look at the movie below.

Via The Film Stage

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