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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.04.13] China comedy martial arts

Tai Chi 0 was a total riot. Steam punk, martial arts and some ridiculous comedy were well blended into a mixed bag of a movie that delivered as much ass whoopin' as it did laughs. Of course there would be a sequel!

Tai Chi Hero picks up with Lu Chan, our "hero" from the first movie, making himself at home in Chen Village. He's finally starting to be accepted as one of their own when Yuniang's scorned fiancee returns to the village to seek out revenge - with the help of a few new friends including Peter Stormare as, you guessed it, a bad guy.

Stormare is always great but he's particularly talented at channelling villainy and he certainly seems to be enjoying himself here with the help of some pretty modern looking weaponry. Too bad he's likely to have his ass handed to him.

Fists will fly when Tai Chi Hero, the second in the planned trilogy, opens April 26th.

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Via Beyond Hollywood

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