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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.06.13] United Kingdom scifi comic

While the idea of a Dredd sequel (at least in the form of a feature length film) has essentially been kyboshed, that doesn't mean that we're done seeing stories from Mega-City One.

An enterprising group of fans in the UK have been hard at work on a fan film based on a minor character from the 2000AD strip. Judge Minty expands the story of the titular Judge who is no longer on active street duty but chooses to take the long walk and head into the outlands of the city to take "law to the lawless."

It's a pretty spectacular piece of work which has been under development for years. The short will be making the festival rounds (it's already been selected for Sci-Fi London) but it's now also available for viewing online and it's worth every single second.

Too bad this wasn't ready in time for the home video release. Would have made an awesome extra. More details on the project at their website.

Via Bleeding Cool

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Digger (10 years ago) Reply

I am probably the only person who thinks the 'new' dredd film in inferior to the 'old' dredd film. This short is very impressive for a fan made flick and I'd argue it's better than the 'new' dredd film.

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