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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.07.13] United Kingdom scifi action thriller

From Joyrider Films, producer of last year's mutation sensation The Gate, comes a stunning new short from director Duncan Guymer.

In The Fields, Written and directed by Guymer and produced by Joyrider's Spencer Friend, the world has been re-defined following a war between rich and poor. The outcome is an intense film punctuated by some extremely impressive superpower VFX and fight choreography.

The film's fights were choreographed by Andy Norman, who previously worked as the fight consultant on Nolan's Batman trilogy as well as working recently with Tom Cruise.

Set in 2510, "The Fields" depicts the aftermath of a war between rich and poor. With the losing faction forced to live underground, the war has since been long forgotten.

The subterranean population believe in a divinely ordained balancing act in which God infects the most intelligent with a fungal disease. The underground community then outcasts these individuals to "The Fields," where their disease takes effect and they seemingly become part of the forest.

Our protagonist, James, recently lost his friend, Ben, to the disease. With his partner Grace also infected, James secretly accompanies her to "The Fields." Having gained entry, James somehow ascends to the "Real World" where he learns the dark truth and his true purpose above ground is revealed.

What follows is a cut-down version of the short film and the trailer. Here's hoping we get a chance to see the whole thing soon, because it looks stellar.

The Fields: Cut Down


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donc48 (9 years ago) Reply

Overall I liked this short, just one thing bugged me was the use of firearms in 2510. Can we mix in a little rocket guns, small rail guns or lasers?


pizzicatoiv (9 years ago) Reply

Guns are effective. Technology is relevant (and used) when it fits a purpose.

The excessive exposition in this film, on the other hand...

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