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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.14.13] United Kingdom post apocalyptic zombies

The Ford Brothers, directors of the Africa-set zombie shocker The Dead, are claiming that their sequel The Dead 2: India is the first zombie film shot in India. While I'm not sure that's entirely true, there is definitely a lack of international flavour to the still uber-popular zombie genre.

Fright Fest UK premiered the first trailer for the film which you can find below and if you are so inclined you can watch The Crystal Ferret's interview with the Ford Brothers.

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slomo (10 years ago) Reply

surely you just run away? I've see old folks in their 80s walk faster


CrazyYog (10 years ago) Reply

Yes, they may slow and you can out run them. But they do not tire. They just keep coming and India has a population of over 1.3 billion people. That is a lot of potential zombies.


Digger (10 years ago) Reply

Hopefully this one is better than the 1st. I know the 1st one got a lot of love here, but it was lacking in suspense and viewer involvement.


Nope. (10 years ago) Reply

Definitely NOT the first zombie film out of India. Go Goa Gone is in theaters right now.

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