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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.24.13] comic

Chronicle scribe Max Landis had some choice words about superman, Zack Snyder's Man of Steel and the current sentiment that comic book movies are going through some kind of artistic renaissance. Landis doesn't agree and explains why in a very erudite, if somewhat ranty video.

After about seven minutes of discussing the importance of character over story and what separates Superman from other popular superheros, Landis hits the nail on the head when he calls out the current crop of popular comic book movies for being less about heroes and more about rock stars.

"... [Man of Steel] reminded me of Transformers 3, or the end of Avengers. Everything ends in the same city-destroying, pandemonium, terrorist attack from space. Everything gets leveled and all of these people die and then the next scene it's like "hey, you want to go to a baseball game?" No! The teams are all dead! Why are we in this office?

"I guess what I'm saying isn't so much an opinion on the Man of Steel. It's more about the way superhero movies have become... at the end of all of these movies, all I'm seeing is fire and death. And that confuses the living shit out of me, because everybody's going to these movies and they're all making so much money. And at the end, a hero stands tall as all of society crumbles behind him. That isn't a superhero to me; a guy who stands there when everyone else is dead. That's like a rock star. I don't want to see movies about rock stars. Put the hero back in the super hero movies, because I think "super" might have taken over."

Here's the video:

**Contains Spoilers for Man of Steel***

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Missphitts (4 years ago) Reply

Tis too true.


j.j. (4 years ago) Reply

I watched 5 mins of Chronicle and the acting was so terrible I had to switch it off. Man of Steel, on the other hand, was awesome. If anything I think 'big mindless' blockbusters have started to get better. We should applaud that and let guys like this make the superhero films they think we should be watching ... and then the audiences will decide. I am sure there is a market for both.


Koolz (4 years ago) Reply

There is room for everyone in this market.


Fox (4 years ago) Reply


Says the man who fills his screenplay with weak, one-dimensional archetypes of wannabe-superpowered characters, who become quite redundant in the end.

Can't take that seriously.


K.G. (4 years ago) Reply

He's like Kevin Smith's narcissistic, trash-talking progeny, if he wasn't John Landis' narcissistic, trash-talking progeny.


Tesla (4 years ago) Reply

This is idiotic. The age of happy ending is done, I don't want that, he can keep this opinion to himself.

Man of Steel was phenomenal and finally got to do what the is supposed to do, also whoever is reading comics knows that his enemies are strong and also when two gods collide people are just ants.

man of Steel is a movie about a guy who will become the Superman we all know, a guy who is learning and evolving.

Those shitty Christopher Reeves movies can be watched by kids, I want a Superman that is ready to kill and destroy, make tough decisions.

The best superhero movie so far, I can not wait for the second part.


Digger (4 years ago) Reply

>>I don't want to see movies about rock stars<<

I do, make one about Dio. I'd be all over that. But back on topic, I *think* what he's whining about is that superheros have superpowers and as such, things tend to break around them. Well duh...
We go to see superhero films to see larger than life action, we don't go to see superheros being riddled with self doubt and angsty, if I want that, I'll see a woody allen flick.
I think this guy is just sour grapes because his film flopped (whether or not it was "deep" or "insightful") where something more superficial (Superman, Avengers, XMen, etc) made millions.


mud (4 years ago) Reply

Couldn't agree more with him. X-TREME!!1! Superman misses the point of the character. sure it's visceral and exciting, but his moral center isn't there. This "Superman" is The Hulk.

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