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Marina Antunes [Cathode Ray Mission 07.19.13] zombies drama

AMC doesn't kid around. The network headed to San Diego in full force and as expected they've premiered a trailer for the upcoming fourth season of "The Walking Dead." What comes as a complete surprise is the fact that the trailer is a whopping four and a half minutes long.

Featuring footage that seems to come from all over the new season, our favourite characters return along with a slew of new faces. Obvious from the footage is that the group finds some more friendly faces but they'll also face some tough challenges. If this is any indication, the new season could be the best one yet.

"The Walking Dead" returns October 13.

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wa5 (8 years ago) Reply

Not in Oz.... Oh well I guess I'll have to troll you tube.. is series three available on DVD yet?


pleeg3 (8 years ago) Reply

Ummmm Walking Dead? Is this a new show? Looks interesting.
Oct. 13 is a holiday event.

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