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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.09.13] Canada thriller

The work of Canadian filmmaker Xavier Dolan has been a little mixed for me. Though I loved his debut feature I Killed My Mother, I was left a bit cold by his follow-up Heartbeats (review), so much so that I completely avoided Lawrence Anyways despite the mostly favourable reviews. I'd pretty much concluded that Dolan's work simply isn't for me when the director arrives with Tom at the Farm.

The story, about a young man who visits his dead lover's parents on their farm, doesn't exactly sound like a winner of a movie, the horror movie set-up is enticing: Tom is confronted by his deceased lover's older brother who decides he's never going to let Tom leave. That definitely got my attention and though this could still end badly for me, this first clip has ensured that I will be working extra hard to squeeze this one into my festival schedule.

Tom at the Farm doesn't yet have an American distributor though I expect one will turn up in the coming months of festival play.

Via Bleeding Cool

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