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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.22.13] United Kingdom scifi thriller

We've already seen a pretty great teaser trailer for Jonathan Glazer's man eating alien movie Under the Skin, one that suggested a really fantastic 70s style thriller and this new trailer only cements that idea with its combination of music and images. It is very reminiscent of Glazer's previous movies but there's a quiet horror in every scene.

We already knew that Scarlett Johansson stars as Laura, an alien inhabiting a beautiful human female form who uses her sexuality to seduce, capture and feed on men but one recent bit of information revealed by Glazer is that the movie was largely improvised with Johansson being dropped into the street with with non actors and numerous cameras shooting the unfolding events, often on the sly. It's a fascinating way to capture a movie about an alien discovering our world: put your actress into unfamiliar circumstances and watch as she stumbles through, but it could also end badly. I'm hopeful it's the earlier and from the material we've seen of the movie so far, it's looking very promising.

Under the Skin will open next year.

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