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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.11.14] horror

I love a good concept that's well executed and that certainly seems to be the case with Derek Mungor's sophomore effort You Are Not Alone, a thriller from the first person POV of the victim.

Mungor's film, co-written by Chris O'Brien, follows Natalie, a university student who heads home for July 4th celebrations with friends and family only to discover that on the night of the big party, a sociopath is on the loose and reportedly in the middle of a killing spree in the area.

From the trailer, it seems as though the movie is also broken into two distinct parts: a first which captures Natalie enjoying her trip home and a second half that focuses on the young woman as she deals with the murdering psychopath. It's an interesting concept and from the looks of the trailer, one which Mungor and cinematographer Ryan Glover have executed rather beautifully.

No news yet on where and when we'll be able to see You Are Not Alone but it's shaping up as one to keep an eye on.

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wft (8 years ago) Reply

one of the lamest trailers i've ever seen.


324234 (8 years ago) Reply

anyone who films EVERY SECOND of the day deserves to be bumped off (or are they wearing google glass?)


donc48 (8 years ago) Reply

I'm going to be kind. This looks a little artsy for me.


FreeRangeZombie (8 years ago) Reply

I think it looks interesting.

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