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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.08.14] Netherlands drama fantasy comic

Alex van Warmerdam's Borgman is an odd duck. A modern fantasy, it features the dark undertones of the original Grimm Brother's fairy tales before Disney got a hold of them. It's wonderfully dark, occasionally funny with a decisively violent streak throughout.

Jan Bijvoet stars as the titular Borgman, a long haired, bearded hippy type who preys on the goodwill of Marina (Hadewych Minis), a well to do woman who feels sorry for the guy and allows him to bathe and eat in her lavish home. He eventually talks his way into a job as the family gardener but what follows is a strange and progressively violent tale of a man who exercises a strange power over the family.

The trailer has been cut to beautifully capture the mood and oddity of the story but I'm a bit surprised it gives away one of the best moments of the movie. It's out of context here but the image is unforgettable.

Borgman opens June 6.

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JohnnyVengeance (7 years ago) Reply

This movie is a must see. I had a chance to view it over the summer and it blew me away. AVW's sense of humor is incredibly dark and right up my alley.

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