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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.21.14] horror

Director A.D. Calvo has quickly become a favourite around these parts with his oddity and his ability to transform young casts that one would expect to find in cheesy horror fare and instead deliver horror stories that are a little more nuanced than Hollywood tends to produce (see The Midnight Game (review) as a perfect example). It's been some time since we first saw a teaser and some stills from the upcoming possession horror House of Dust but with the movie scheduled for release in May, we've got a new trailer to peek and it's looking pretty darn good.

House of Dust stars Holland Roden (Teen Wolf), Joy Lauren (Desperate Housewives), Inbar Lavi (MTV's Underemployed) Alesandra Assante, John Lee Ames (Days of Darkness), Eddie Hassell (The Kids Are All Right) and Steven Grayhm (Five People You Meet in Heaven) as a group of college students exploring an abandoned insane asylum who, after inhaling the cremated remains of former mental patients, become possessed. Definitely a new twist on the possession story and with Calvo at the helm, I don't doubt the movie will be full of new twists.

House of Dust will be available as a digital download on May 9 prior to its VOD and DVD release on May 20.

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Beppe (9 years ago) Reply

Possessed after inhaling the cremated remains of former mental patients? Tell me it's a joke!


3m13L (9 years ago) Reply

No, this does not look good.

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